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DEPROEX administers each project  individually so the Project Manager could act according to the dimension and/or the complexity of the contractual objectives.  The Manager has given total responsibility in the achievement of the goals in terms of costs, quality, security and profitability until the successful culmination of the project. Also, managers are in charge of  providing and ensuring the whole logistical support for the resources required by the different projects.

For each project  DEPROEX prepares, distributes and implements the project  operative manual in order to fulfill the requisites  of the client without overlooking the goals of deadlines and costs for total execution of works.

In DEPROEX, professionals are evaluated and trained according to the necessities of the market in order to stay upgraded in the technical, managerial and administrative levels. As for the physical infrastructure,  it has been harmonized in an useful area of 400 M2, with technical offices, CAD drawing rooms, conferences room, audiovisual means, computer networks, documentation center and information, reproduction equipment, fax and e-mail (voice-date-fax-modem), phone internal, internal central phones and private courier.

As for the physical location of DEPROEX this strategically near to the Altamira subway station, parking lots, restaurant areas, easy accesses to freeways and commercial high-density areas in the east side of the city of Caracas.


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