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DEPROEX is a Venezuelan company founded in 1974 by a group of qualified professionals committed to provide engineering consulting services within the energy sector, especially to the high power transmission and distribution of energy arena. It was then in 1977 when DEPROEX expanded its services by providing project management and flied inspections of other related engineering developments within the energy industry in Venezuela and abroad.

Today, DEPROEX is regarded as the leader in the engineering consulting business for the high power transmission filed. The company has a record with proven expertise for the energy distribution and power transmission fields for over 35 years that places the organization in the top charts for local clients.




To maintain its leadership in the consulting business for major engineering s projects in the Venezuelan energy sector.


To fulfill our clients expectations by supporting our team of professionals and applying state of the art technological procedures in all levels of our operations, administrative and technical.


  • We focus on having the right means of communications within our firm for addressing accurately and promptly the client’s requests.
  • We motivate teamwork for getting the most out of each professional seeking common goal towards customer satisfaction in the technical and operations tasks.
  • We provide employee training programs to ensure  the application of state of the art procedures and development of our professional skills as well building loyalty sense throughout our organization.
  • Creativity, self confidence and decision making skills are always encouraged among our professionals to better address the ongoing issues internally and customer´s interests.

About | Services | Organization and Human Talent | Quatily | Experience | Contact

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